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Joe L. – Omaha

Thanks for helping me out with the home inspection. I can tell you take pride in your work and appreciate your attention to detail. After examining the home inspection report I was curious to what your opinion is concerning what I should have the owners repair prior to taking ownership of the home. I know for sure the electrical issues and the fireplace should be a fairly cheap and quick fix. What about the garage where the soil is making contact with the wood on the garage? Is that something that can be fixed up fairly easily? In your honest opinion, if you were looking to buy the home, what things would you absolutely have to have fixed and what thing would you let slide? I’m the kind of guy that likes to have everything in tip top shape but I know in a lot of circumstances that is not always a realistic expectation. I’m very new to the home owning process and would value any advice and recommendations concerning the property.It was a pleasure working with you and I will definitely pass along your information to friends and family looking to have their homes, or future homes inspected in the area.

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