Hearth Protectors- Jon Vacha

By Sue Josoff

These rubber or foam protective things are great. I definitely see their value having a baby who’s try to pull herself up on stuff and tend to fall a bit

GFCI Outlets: The (Un)Shocking Story

By Home Standards

  By Jon Vacha Vice President, Home Standards Inspection Services EMAIL JON   A GFCI outlet is an outlet with the little push button that you often find in bathrooms and kitchens. But why is there a push button and what the heck does “GFCI” mean? During inspection walkthroughs GFCI outlets are almost always discussed.…

The Use of Tempered Glass

By Sue Josoff

Windows at bottom of stairs ,within 18″ of floor and next to entry doors needs to be tempered glass  when installed or replaced.   This new construction was not tempered glass.

Humidity and Winter Comfort

By Sue Josoff

Low humidity in the winter can dry noses, skin and throats as well as crack fingertips. Your home can also suffer from overly dry conditions, including wood floors opening up, increase in static electricity, drywall is affected and even pianos can go out of tune. “Relative Humidity” refers to the air’s ability to hold water/moisture.…

Inspecting Insulated Windows for Leaks

By Sue Josoff

I recently inspected a two-bedroom home with a very large insulated window with a defective thermal seal. I explained to the concerned buyer there was a less expensive alternative to replacement. Insulated or thermal windows are made with two panels of glass sandwiched over a spacer and sealant, creating a space between the panes that…