Meet your home inspection team

Steve Head Shot July 2016 240x300 obl88jnc9mn43zpn64v1l85hh0sicl9nkf1f5j3y66 Our TeamSteve Vacha

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New Jon photo 240x300 updraft pre smush original Our TeamJon Vacha
Vice President

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forrest head shot 240x300 updraft pre smush original Our TeamForrest Ruel
Commercial Inspections Manager

Forrest has over 40 years of experience working in commercial property construction and inspections. His career began in the military, including building barracks, Enlisted Man’s Clubs, and more.
After his time in the service he and seven other coworkers built a 32-unit motel in Nebraska – from the foundation to completion.

Forrest later went on to become the Lead FMT (Facility Maintenance Tech) for a large corporation, caring for 10 buildings from 1800 sq ft to over 200,000 sq ft. Duties included: demolition; complete maintenance from roof to foundation; as well as remodeling preexisting buildings for new projects.

Forrest joined Commercial Standards Inspection Services in 2017 and has become an integral part of the company’s growth and success.

Sue photo Our TeamSue Josoff
Inspection Coordinator/Office support

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Aaron head shot Our TeamAaron Nilius
Certified Inspector  (Residential & Commercial)

Aaron has been inspecting homes and commercial properties for the past 5 years. He’s born and raised in Omaha and in his free time he enjoys playing basketball and soccer and watching football.

When Aaron was in college, he was unfortunate enough to be near a friend who was using a hammer to smash a shotgun primer, sending a piece of metal flying up and becoming lodged in his elbow. He has since had the shard removed and fully recovered.

tims head shot poor quality.v1 updraft pre smush original Our TeamTim Krof
Omaha Manager & Certified Inspector

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Bridget head 240x300 updraft pre smush original Our TeamBridget Vacha
Office/Marketing Director

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paul head.v1 updraft pre smush original Our TeamPaul Pachunka

Paul is a native of Washington state, but grew up and lived in Nebraska most his life. The majority of his professional career he has been involved in home construction and renovation, including major remodeling, flipping properties, and specializing in redoing beautiful bathrooms and kitchens.

Paul has been with Home Standards since 2015 and likes sharing his home inspection findings with home buyers.

In his free time, Paul enjoys spending time with his grandchildren, cooking with his wife, and target shooting.

Jessie Head Shot edited 240x300.v4 Our TeamJessie Fisher

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Grant head shot Our TeamGrant Willms

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Gilbert Cruz Home Standards Inspector Our TeamGilbert Cruz

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