Commercial Inspections

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WhY choose us?

We have the experience, the education, and the professionalism it takes to inspect a commercial building. Since the early 2000’s we have been inspecting office buildings, industrial warehouses, churches, strip malls and everything in between. We have the staff to tackle large apartment complexes in a day.

How to get started

Call us with the details of the building you want to be inspected and we will take it from there! 402-392-2020

What's in the report?

 Our reports are simple to understand and read. Main points are highlighted that my require more immediate attention. Maintenance items are also detailed and can be read by contractors who may be looking to repair or maintain components later.

How much does it cost?

Each commercial building is unique. The fee to inspect some buildings can be estimated with one phone call. Others, we want to come take a look at in-person. Typically we can get a quote to you within a day.

What is inspected?


We focus on structural and safety items as well as large mechanical components. 

Most multi-unit housing buildings are made up of many uniform elements such as electrical panels or HVAC units. Identifying and documenting which element belongs to which unit can be a hassle. Our inspection reports will be a point of reference for years to come.

electrical Commercial Inspections

Commercial buildings can have roofs such as EPDM or metal. Your friendly commercial inspector will give you the info you need so you know what it will take to keep your building dry. 

commercial roof Commercial Inspections
lift for air handler Commercial Inspections

Need a lift?

We have the equipment available so we can reach the important areas in a building that need to be inspected. 

Safety First

We also are able to inspect for ADA compliance. 

ADA compliance Commercial Inspections