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Light vs darkness – it is a theme repeated often.  If sales are about building relationships, guiding a client to make informed decisions is key.

We all instinctively can tell when someone is open and honest and trying to supply us with the information we need.   If we ever sense manipulation, trust is typically lost.

Good guidance, of course, is what we in the information industry offer.   We have expertise that we share and make a living off of. However, its key is to know the bounds of our expertise and knowledge.

In today’s seller’s market, some might be tempted to purchase a home without a home inspection for fear of not having their offer accepted.   This is where an inspection for information only comes in.   By suggesting this option an agent is admitting the bounds of their knowledge about the product they are helping the client to purchase.

The majority of home inspections unveil normal kinds of issues that are found in most homes.  My experience is, the vast majority of clients will accept these minor deficiencies when they are put into perspective by the home inspector.   This is where the inspector’s expertise and construction knowledge are vital.

What happens when a home inspection is skipped? Discrepancies discovered after closing generally become much more problematic for the client in their mind.  The discovered concerns were not put into perspective or they were not expecting these problems with their perfect new home.  If the client is irritated at this point, this will taint their memory of the real estate process.  

Encouraging buyers to request a home inspection is a good will attempt to bring clarity to the sale and will provide the memory of valuable guidance.