“My wife and I are currently in the process of purchasing our first home, and we were very impressed with Home Standards as our inspection company. Tim was very professional and did a wonderful job of explaining the different aspects of the inspection. The cost of the inspection was also affordable. Thank you so much for all of your help!”

“Paul P. performed my home inspection. He was very thorough and went through all his findings and explained everything to me down to the last minor detail. He was very knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend him to everyone.”

“Paul did an excellent job. I was so impressed. The documentation and walk through of his findings was stellar. I highly recommend Home Standards Inspection Services and Paul as in Inspector. Excellent service”

“We had a great home inspection service with Dave. He was very friendly and provided us with everything we needed to know. If I had questions he was very thorough at explaining what needed done and explaining the issues. Would defiantly recommend to anyone needing an inspection.”

“This is my second time using Home Standards. They are very thorough and professional. Their inspector Robert is great at answering questions and making sure all concerns are addressed. I would highly recommend them if you are buying or selling a home.”

“Jon was very thorough in his inspection of our new-home-to-be. As it was new construction, we were not sure how much might be there to be discovered in terms of issues but we wanted to be certain by having an inspection. However, I am pleased that we did the inspection – Jon uncovered several very important defects to correct, and also helped educate us on certain items to discuss with the builder. Also, knowing it was a new home, he also took the time to help identify numerous punch list items for us to make for a more efficient builder walk-thru. Jon’s experience with how homes are actually built and his education/experience as an inspector was clearly demonstrated during our inspection and the post-inspection discussion of his write-up. I would not hesitate to work Jon and Home Standards Inspection again, and would recommend them to others seeking a home inspector.”

“I am buying my first house, so I am not 100% sure on what To look out for when looking a house over. Robert let me come along on the inspection and was extremely thorough on explaining everything he was checking and why. He let me know everything of any concern and the things that were really good about the house. Not only was he very knowledgeable, he was very personable as well! I would recommend an inspection by Home Standards to anyone!”

“Tim performed my inspection, and was incredibly helpful. He was detail oriented, and alerted me of both immediate safety issues and preventative measures to take in order to prevent issues in the future. He was more than willing to take the time to make sure I understood his report to the fullest. I would highly recommend using Tim at Home Standard Inspections.”

“Tim was awesome! Buying a home for the first time is a scary experience but he was very thorough with his inspection and made sure I understood each and every thing he found. He went above and beyond when he found something on his way out and came back in to make sure we knew about it. Now THAT is good customer service. He made sure to tell me he would be there for me if I had any questions or concerns, even after moving in. Prices are very reasonable as well! Thank you for a wonderful experience!”

Please take a moment to also check out our reviews on Google and Yelp

“Steve and his staff are very professional and offer a very good product..It is so important in our business to have an expert in the field and that is what Steve is…an expert!!!”

“Steve is my go-to guy for all of my home inspections. He’s reliable, friendly and fair to all parties involved and he knows how to talk to clients.”

“Steve has provided incredible service to my real estate clients. He is very detailed and has their best interest at hand during such a huge investment on buying a home. He goes over and above to walk them through normal maintenance as well. We’re lucky to have him part of our industry!”

“Steve does an excellent job as a home inspector , is extremely , knowledgeable and highly recommend him.” December 18, 2012

“I highly recommend Steve for your home inspection needs. He is very thorough and detailed. He reviews the entire report with you so that you understand the condition of the home you are buying. He is patient and doesn’t rush the buyers if they want to see any areas of concern and discuss possible solutions. Steve is very knowledgeable.”

“I have recommended Steve to my clients for several years and I have found Steve and his team of inspectors at Home Standards to be top notch! Steve’s “bedside manner” and his expertise in inspecting homes helps make buyers feel comfortable in making their home purchase. I have yet to have a buyer who was not happy with Steve’s work! All home inspectors are not created equal and if you are buying a home you want want to hire a “top notch” inspector like Steve Vacha!”

“Many of my clients have hired Steve and/or his company Home Standards Inspections. They always appreciate his expertise and knowledge. When you hire Steve you get honest answers and great results.”November 14, 2012

“Steve Vacha and his team at Home Standards Inspections are great home inspectors. Steve and Tim, the two primary home inspectors, both have extensive backgrounds in residential construction and understand the bones of existing homes better than most other home inspectors. Their inspections are thorough and consciences and they do a great job of explaining a home’s good points and points of concern. When they do find issues on a home they’re not alarmist and they will often times have common sense suggestions for correcting the problems. I recommend Home Standards Inspections too many of my clients and other Realtors® questioning who they should recommend to their clients for home inspections. I’m glad they are in the home inspection business in the Omaha area.”

Just to let you know, I officially retired from the real estate world in Dec 2012!!!!   Therefore I’m unsubscribing to the newsletter that comes to me by email. I always enjoyed working with you and trusting your inspections! I wish you continued success  in your business.

Thank you. Your home inspection report looks very professional with the color printouts and photos included.

The appreciation is ours. I enjoyed meeting you and extend our gratitude for your good work on the home inspection. The check is in the mail as well. I will certainly recommend your services.

Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year!

I’ve been very impressed with your work in the past and any time I get a request for an inspection I will be calling you.

Your report was very thorough and my clients were very happy with the home inspection and report.

I will definitely contact you in the future.


I have used you in the past for home inspections and have been very impressed with your work. You are very thorough yet you convey any issues with a calming, possitive and educational manner.

Our clients always get a great home inspection from Home Standards! Very in-depth and fully explained. We are always very satisfied!


Great job on Buresh’s inspection. I appreciate your style and the accuracy of the report.

Just wanted to thank you for the outstanding effort you give on your work with homebuyers! As both a client of yours and as a mortgage lender, I know you will give 110% effort to uncover the many “secrets” that a house will disclose to only your trained eye. I tell all of my customers there are few fees in the mortgage process you should feel good about paying, and your fee is WELL worth the money spent, and saved! Keep it up!

I was pleased that it all turned out so well. Definitely, I will consider you for other inspections and recommend you to our agents.

Steve Vacha at Home Standards does a very thorough inspection and knows how to put the results in perspective when meeting with buyers. I know my clients are in good hands with Steve.

As a realtor, I have referred Steve to many of my buyers. Having been on these inspections, I have seen the level of satisfaction and peace of mind that Steve has always provided to my clients. I trust his advise and know that he does a great job of helping buyers feel that they are making the right decisions. Thank you.

Steve’s knowledge is extensive plus he can relate that into terms my buyer’s and seller’s easily understand. Steve is able to locate concerns about a home and then go a step further by pointing out solutions that are logical.Steve’s ability to identify and implement solutions to concerns at a reasonable price keeps my clients happy.Steve is honest, logical and fair. Just what my buyer’s and seller’s need.

My clients, both buyers and sellers, have been using the services of Steve Vacha owner of Home Standards Inspection Services for some time. He is extremely thorough with every inspection and he has a wonderful way of talking to clients seriously, but, at the same time without being alarming. They all tell me they appreciate his knowledge and approach.

I would personally recommend using Home Standards Inspection Company. I have always received excellent customer service and the most professional inspections from Steve Vacha. His extensive knowledge as a home inspector along with the detailed and personal interaction with my buyers has always impressed me. Your customers will receive a thorough, in depth assessment of the inspected property. If you’re looking for a top notch home inspector, call Steve Vacha with Home Standards.

For the past two years, I have been recommending to my buyers that they use Steve Vacha with Home Standards Inspection Service as their home inspector. I am always very confident in recommending Steve, for the reason that he is very thorough with his inspection, and he is clear and concise in his communication with the clients. And, most importantly he is an inspector who is calm when presenting his findings, that is to say, he is not an alarmist. His approach to the inspection process is very methodical and straightforward. He presents his findings in a factual and informative manner. Without exception, my clients have all been very impressed with his work and services. As a realtor, I know that when I recommend Steve Vacha as an inspector, that I have served my clients well and with their high interests in mind.

Steve has done countless inspections for us and has always put repairs in perspective for buyers. He has never scared any of our clients and has helped many deals come together smoothly.

Steve Vacha has completed radon, mold & home inspections for various Buyers of mine. Whether it is the actual inspection, the accessibility to explain each item on the report or the reinspection, Steve has continued to show professionalism at each juncture of the process. As Realtors we know how important it is to have a thorough professional to work with who gives a clear picture of the condition of the property. I would gladly recommend Steve Vacha for your Buyers

Thank you Steve Vacha and Staff – my clients truly feel they receive a professional, trusting and thorough home inspection, especially since buying their home will be one of the most important decisions they will make in their lifetime!

I always can depend on Steve for an honest, open opionion. He also will spend that extra time with your client if needed. When your inspector looks your client “right in the eye” it is a calming effect no matter what the nature of the discussion.

Steve was extremely professional and trustworthy! He thouroughly answered any questions we had. I would recommend him to any of my friends or family!

Steve was incredibly friendly and flexible to meet my needs. The level of professionalism and caring he displayed during every aspect of the process exceeded my expectations. He answered all of my questions, was extremely patient, and made the inspection report easy to read. I would recommend his services to anyone.

My wife and I have recently had the priviledge of having Steve inspect our new home. Steve and his crew were very meticulous and left no stone unturned when it came to making sure that we were purchasing a safe, sound, and secure home. His indepth review gave us the insight we needed to make the fixes that were needed prior to our move and more.

Thank you for the wonderful job. I was very happy with your home inspection and would recommend you to any one buying a home.

Thanks Again.

Thanks for helping me out with the home inspection. I can tell you take pride in your work and appreciate your attention to detail. After examining the home inspection report I was curious to what your opinion is concerning what I should have the owners repair prior to taking ownership of the home. I know for sure the electrical issues and the fireplace should be a fairly cheap and quick fix. What about the garage where the soil is making contact with the wood on the garage? Is that something that can be fixed up fairly easily? In your honest opinion, if you were looking to buy the home, what things would you absolutely have to have fixed and what thing would you let slide? I’m the kind of guy that likes to have everything in tip top shape but I know in a lot of circumstances that is not always a realistic expectation. I’m very new to the home owning process and would value any advice and recommendations concerning the property.It was a pleasure working with you and I will definitely pass along your information to friends and family looking to have their homes, or future homes inspected in the area.

My home inspection was very well worth it and am glad I spent the little amount of money to do it. I made me feel good that I was getting the home that I was buying and there weren’t any hidden surprises I may not have noticed. Steve sat down with me at the end and went through a nice binder with all the details of the inspection. I would highly recommend Steve to others and appreciate his experience.

I have owned a few houses through the years and have gotten them all inspected. I met Steve and learned about him and his company and decided
to request that we use him on our latest home purchase. And what a great decision that turned out to be. We were absolutely surprised and impressed with the service and level of expertise Steve gives. He spent at least a few hours at the house looking over every corner, taking pictures and jotting down notes. Then he put together a binder with pictures and circles of everything that was an issue and how to fix it, as well as whether or not it was a “real” issue or deal breaker. We have owned our house for about a year now and I know for certain that we have referenced his home inspection reports at least three times when working on different little projects.

I won’t buy another house without Steve doing the home inspection for me!