Information Only Inspection

Light vs darkness - it is a theme repeated often.  If sales are about building relationships, guiding a client to make informed decisions is key. We all instinctively can tell when someone is open and honest and trying to supply us with the information we need.   If we ever sense manipulation, trust is typically lost. Good guidance, of course, is what we in the information industry offer.   We have expertise that we share and make a ...


Flat Tires and Foundation Repair

If you have a leaky tire, you might go to an auto-mechanic to get a repair. If that mechanic’s recommendation for repair is a new steel rim, a new axle and 4 new tires at a total cost of $4,000.00, would you think of getting a second opinion? I have inspected too many homes with wildly extensive and expensive foundation repairs that were the recommended fix for minor water leakage in a basement. If a foundation repair company recommends ...


Do You See What I See?

I recently went an entire half of a work day not realizing my phone was still on airplane mode. I finished my inspection 20 minutes early and I had an overwhelming sense of clarity and focus with regard to that home inspection. I had not been distracted by emails about my schedule, texts from agents or clients and notifications about my injured fantasy football wide receiver. We all know that we are ...


Ducts in a row

In the photo there are two vent openings on the living room floor. One is a supply vent and one is a return vent. When vents like this are so close together they aren't very efficient because they just cycle the air from one vent to another and not through the living space of the house. The air from the HVAC system is meant to condition the air ...


Chimneys: Santa & Safety

Chimneys:  Santa & Safety By Tim Krof What a great Holiday Season!  I hope everyone enjoyed good times with family and friends!!  I had an interesting time this year when a relative tried to start the customary holiday fire after dinner was served.  Have you ever seen more smoke coming inside the room than going up the flue when somebody is trying to start a wood burning fire?  Although it was entertaining at ...


Wildlife Encounters

Tim actually found one of these little guys hanging out in a disposal during a recent inspection. Don't worry he was released outside. It is crazy to find the areas critter can get into in a house. This was a case of the bat probably making its way down a plumbing exhaust pipe. Birds in attics and chimney's is pretty common to find. The craziest I've heard of is a snake in an electrical panel!


Types of Cracks

  Types of Cracks Concrete does two things; it gets hard, and it cracks. When looking at a crack in a house’s foundation wall, the type of crack can often indicate what is causing the crack to occur. Vertical or stair step cracks indicate settlement of part of the wall or uneven weight distribution from above. The hairline varieties of such cracks are common and usually nothing to worry about. Horizontal cracks, on the other ...


Garage door safety mechanisms

In the picture you can see that the safety beams are in this garage are installed in a very wrong location. They are up in the rafters of the garage. Periodically we see people do this just to make sure the beams are never broken. Of course, they should be at either side of the garage door, 6" or less from the floor. If a small child or pet is under a ...


Home Standards’ Tim Krof recently earned the designation “Certified Inspector” from the American Society of Home Inspectors. (The foremost organization for home inspectors in America) Normally an inspector must inspect full time for over two years to receive this designation. To earn this designation Tim: Had to complete 250 fee paid inspections. Then ASHI reviews a sampling of these inspections to verify his work is sound and in accord with ASHI standards. He then ...


Seller’s Block

Seller's Block By Steve Vacha Many of us grow to be very emotionally connected to our homes.  They are where we find comfort and rest.   Even the inadequacies or deferred repairs often become normal to us, (especially to some of us males). When it comes time to sell however, prospective buyers often do not see the home through those same rose-colored glasses. In addition to the obvious deferred repairs, there are the many hidden concerns such as maintenance and safety concerns that owners ...