Safety Precautions for Children

By Jon Vacha

A Direct fireplace fronts get hot. A barrier around the fireplace is a good idea. Secure large furniture. Never leave a gas key for a gas log fireplace in the gas port. A slight bump or turn of the key could turn the gas on. Store chemicals/paint in a safe place out of reach. Add…

Safety is First!

By Sue Josoff

Had a seller call us to let us know she really appreciated the way we are diligent in keeping all parties safe during this time of Covid 19. She watched the inspector wipe things down and wash his hands a couple times as well as wearing a mask while performing a buyers inspection at her…

Mold on Drywall- Tim Krof

By Sue Josoff

On a 12-year-old house, this is the top of the drywall in the garage as seen from the attic getting condensation from the nail heads, which is dripping onto the drywall and causing small mold spots.

Electrical Surges in Homes

By Home Standards

by Steve Vacha President Email Steve   It is estimated that a normal house receives up to 4,000 electrical surges every year. Ever wonder why your dishwasher or microwave suddenly stopped working one day? Electrical surges may be the hidden culprit. My new home’s A/C unit had to be replaced three times in the first…

A Clean Chimney is a Safe Chimney

By Home Standards

  by Tim Krof Home Standards Inspection Services Email Tim   What a great Holiday Season! I hope everyone enjoyed good times with family and friends! I had an interesting time this year when a relative tried to start the traditional holiday fire after dinner. Have you ever seen more smoke coming inside the room…

Cast Iron Sewer Lines- Dave Six

By Sue Josoff

While inspecting a 127 yr old commercial building in Missouri Valley I saw some real “artwork”. We still see a lot of cast iron sewer lines, however these had recently been resealed with the traditional lead/oakum seals.  It has become very rare to see this dying art practiced, due to the dangers of working around molten lead.