While inspecting a 127 yr old commercial building in Missouri Valley I saw some real "artwork". We still see a lot of cast iron sewer lines, however these had recently been resealed with the traditional lead/oakum seals.  It has become very rare to see this dying art practiced, due to the dangers of working around molten lead.


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The newest pedestal sink accessory

We have discovered the newest trend in pedestal sink accessories.  They come in a variety of colors such as: blonde, brunette, auburn, black etc.   Pick a color to match with your bathroom decor.  Each piece comes with coordinating claw clip to fit easily on any pipe.


I have written on this subject before, but because this topic is important and potentially expensive, I think it’s time for another friendly reminder.  Due to the fact that the sewer piping to the street is buried there is no way for a typical home inspection to assess it’s condition. While we at Home Standards have been trained to run a lot of water during our inspection process, that does ...


See anything unusual?

Take a look at this shower. See anything unusual?


Sometimes it’s the Little Things

Yes, sometimes it’s those little forgotten items in your home that can cause the largest inconveniences. One example- behind your washer there are 2 or 3 water supply hoses. (If you have a dryer with a steam option, then you have 3.) Most of these are just rubber with metal fittings on the end. We use them year after year and think nothing of them. As the rubber breaks down, the ...


Water Heaters Need Love Too

Possibly the most neglected appliance in your home is the water heater. As long as we turn on the tap and get hot water, it rarely crosses our minds. But there are some recommended maintenance practices you should take to help extend the life of your unit. It is recommended that several gallons of water be drained every 6 months to a year to prevent sediment build up in the tank and ...


Toilet Talk

I don’t want to think about toilets- they are not pleasant things to ponder. But, as we all know, in-door plumbing is one of the most important advancements of a human civilization. To flush away all that waste and not have to worry about where it goes or how a toilet works is a luxury.  No one wants to be wondering what could go wrong every time the toilet flushes.


A Tale of Two Sewers

By: Inspector David Six Recently, while doing an inspection report, I noted that the sewer cleanout plug (shown in photo) had been changed.  This is an indication that someone has either had to snake or in some way check the sewer line to the street.  While relaying this information to the client, I recommended that a licensed plumber be brought in to scope or put a camera in the sewer ...


Lead Water Pipes in Omaha

The lead contamination problems in Flint, Michigan cause many of us to wonder about our own water. There is good reason to be concerned. After all, the problems that lead poisoning can cause children are profound and possibly life changing. There are lead pipes in the Omaha area. The pipes of concern are the water service lines that run from the street to an individual home or building. ...