Reason #148 to Get a Home Inspection – Bats! By Jon Vacha

By Jon Vacha

The type of bats we find in attics used to migrate to warmer climates in the winter, but ever since we humans started building all these houses, bats have found our attics to be nice winter homes. Babies are born in attics, and eventually generations of furry flyers keep making their home in the same…

Expectations are Everything

By Steve Vacha

Many moons ago when I was a high school educator, a popular expression with us teachers was, “They will walk through the doors of your expectations”. Home buyers’ expectations are shaped by the people, including agents, lenders and home inspectors that they are working with during the home buying process. If an agent tells their…

Attic Insulation

By Jon Vacha

Many homeowners are increasingly conscious of the benefits of improving the thermal rating of their homes. Recently at the GO-ASHI meeting, Todd from USA Insulation spoke to our group of ASHI inspectors about some of the ins and outs of an existing residential home’s attic insulation. Todd prides himself on doing extensive research about trends…

What is Not Seen

By Steve Vacha

Most buyers tend to spend most of their time looking at the interior of a house during a showing. Interior finishes and floorplans are most important in many peoples’ minds.  At times, harsh weather such as extreme heat, cold or rain and snow can keep people from spending too much time around the outside the…

Inspectors with Knowledge

By Steve Vacha

At Home Standards Inspection Services our goal is to provide the training to enable our inspectors to be the best in the area. This starts with on the job shadowing, and continues with cross training between inspectors and the sharing of information on a daily basis. We also belong to and are active in the…

Mold on Drywall- Tim Krof

By Sue Josoff

On a 12-year-old house, this is the top of the drywall in the garage as seen from the attic getting condensation from the nail heads, which is dripping onto the drywall and causing small mold spots.

New Construction Inspections

By Home Standards

Tim Krof Prior to becoming a home inspector I spent over 10 years working as a project manager for new construction homes. I know the pressure a builder can feel to complete the project on time. I also saw the stress a new build can put on a buyer. There’s no question that the housing…

Electrical Surges in Homes

By Home Standards

by Steve Vacha President Email Steve   It is estimated that a normal house receives up to 4,000 electrical surges every year. Ever wonder why your dishwasher or microwave suddenly stopped working one day? Electrical surges may be the hidden culprit. My new home’s A/C unit had to be replaced three times in the first…

A Clean Chimney is a Safe Chimney

By Home Standards

  by Tim Krof Home Standards Inspection Services Email Tim   What a great Holiday Season! I hope everyone enjoyed good times with family and friends! I had an interesting time this year when a relative tried to start the traditional holiday fire after dinner. Have you ever seen more smoke coming inside the room…