Reason #148 to Get a Home Inspection – Bats! By Jon Vacha

By Jon Vacha

The type of bats we find in attics used to migrate to warmer climates in the winter, but ever since we humans started building all these houses, bats have found our attics to be nice winter homes. Babies are born in attics, and eventually generations of furry flyers keep making their home in the same…

Attic Insulation

By Jon Vacha

Many homeowners are increasingly conscious of the benefits of improving the thermal rating of their homes. Recently at the GO-ASHI meeting, Todd from USA Insulation spoke to our group of ASHI inspectors about some of the ins and outs of an existing residential home’s attic insulation. Todd prides himself on doing extensive research about trends…

Mold on Drywall- Tim Krof

By Sue Josoff

On a 12-year-old house, this is the top of the drywall in the garage as seen from the attic getting condensation from the nail heads, which is dripping onto the drywall and causing small mold spots.

Stopping Ice Jams

By Sue Josoff

If a home has a history of ice damming, fall is the time to try to prevent further problems. Ice damming occurs when heavy snow on the roof starts to melt. The melting is usually caused by inadequate insulation in the attic. Too much warm air in the attic area warms the underside of the…

Shady Solar Panel

By Sue Josoff

Most solar panels convert around 15% of the sun’s energy into electricity.  I don’t think there is any energy getting converted, looks pretty shady to me!

What’s the R-Value of Blue Jeans?

By Home Standards

How well is your house insulated?  Insulating a house in all the right places can have a huge impact on energy bills.  At a minimum, insulation should be inside walls and in attic spaces.  During a home inspection, we can report on the areas that are visible and make estimates of the current R-values and…

Not So Classic Attic Status

By Jon Vacha

  Not So Classic Attic Status By Jon Vacha Recently, while outside walking around a house that I was inspecting a neighbor yelled over the fence, “have you seen the raccoon yet”? Apparently, there was a hole in the soffit near the roof in this house and the neighbor had been watching raccoon come in…

Tips for Summer Maintenance

By Steve Vacha

Tips for Summer Maintenance by Steve Vacha   Every season has its maintenance and things to remember. Number one problem for most home owners is not controlling surface water.  Extensions as needed and keep gutters clean. Maintaining sprinkler systems:   Verify it is working correctly and there are no broken pipes or spray heads especially…

Troublesome Roof Leaks

By Home Standards

Troublesome Roof Leaks by Steve Vacha There are few things that concern a prospective buyer as much as moister penetration into a home. When it comes in the form of a roof leaks, it can really raise red flags for them. If roof leaks are not addressed in a timely fashion, they can lead to…