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Expectations are Everything

Many moons ago when I was a high school educator, a popular expression with us teachers was, “They will walk through the doors of your expectations”. Home buyers’ expectations are shaped by the people, including agents, lenders and home inspectors that they are working with during the home buying process. If an agent tells their client, “Your home inspection will detail each and every imperfections of the house”, then the buyer expects to ...


What is Not Seen

Most buyers tend to spend most of their time looking at the interior of a house during a showing. Interior finishes and floorplans are most important in many peoples’ minds.  At times, harsh weather such as extreme heat, cold or rain and snow can keep people from spending too much time around the outside the house.  We home inspectors get to enjoy the elements, rain or shine! I find it is the concerns at the exterior of a house that represent ...


Inspectors with Knowledge

At Home Standards Inspection Services our goal is to provide the training to enable our inspectors to be the best in the area. This starts with on the job shadowing, and continues with cross training between inspectors and the sharing of information on a daily basis. We also belong to and are active in the two organizations that provide certification and training for Home Inspectors. .Jon and I have been in a leadership ...


Return on Investment

When purchasing a home there are certain expenses that are of great value to the home buyer. Appraisals help banks to be confident they can loan large amounts of money to buyers.  The appraisal fee is a good return on investment.  Real estate agents’ fees are another expense that is worth every penny, as everyone knows. Home inspections cost money, but their value is immense in almost every situation. In our current “seller’s market”, some inspections ...


Fire Safety Plan

When I read or hear of home fire disasters, it affects me deeply.  My family home was totally destroyed by fire when I was a child. In the early 60’s, most homes did not have smoke alarms. If my 9 year old brother had not woke my parents and my father had not gone back into the intensely burning house against his neighbors urges to find his toddler son, ...


To Inspect or Not to Inspect

In today’s market, some buyers are wondering if they need a home inspection.  Even when a buyer purchases a house “as is”, there are good reasons to have a home inspection.  Below, I will consider several reasons: Safety: I have remodeled, built and inspected homes in our community for over 30 years.  I am convinced the practice of inspecting homes when they switch ownership has improved their safety.  (Prior to the relatively ...


Radon is Here to Stay

Radon is Here to Stay By Steve Vacha Radon is here to stay, literally.   The uranium dropped off by the glaciers millennia ago is buried deep in our soil.  As many of us who have been around awhile know, nothing in our environment stays the same for long.    Uranium after many thousands of years, changes to radium, and radium changes to radon gas. The problem with radon gas is the alpha radiation that ...


Buyer’s Expectations

Buyer’s Expectations of the Home Inspection By Steve Vacha   Expectations can be everything.  If a person has an unrealistic expectation about anything, they will probably be disappointed.  (Some of us football fans will never learn) When it comes to home inspections, it is important that the buyer understands just what exactly a home inspection is.   If the buyer has unrealistic expectations of what the inspection will do for them, they may be disappointed, angry, or think they made a bad choice. It is often ...


Electrical Panel Concerns

Electrical Panel Concerns By Steve Vacha Most of us have an innate respect or fear of electricity.  Be it our parents warning us about it from an early age or maybe having the outlet spark on us as we tried to plug in a damaged tool or appliance.  Our homes today have many safety features to allow us the benefit of electricity. One of the most important safety features is the electrical circuit breaker ...



Energy Steve Vacha   Where would we be without it?  We only have to remember how out of sorts we get when there is a short power outage at our homes. The cost of energy is going up. We pay more and more to heat our homes and keep the lights on. The cost to the environment rises as we take more and more to power our lives.  Our world needs new ways to utilize ...