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New Construction Inspections

Tim Krof Prior to becoming a home inspector I spent over 10 years working as a project manager for new construction homes. I know the pressure a builder can feel to complete the project on time. I also saw the stress a new build can put on a buyer. There’s no question that the housing market in our area is hot. It’s great to see the increase of new construction, but in today’s market, where builders are building as fast as possible ...


by Steve Vacha President Email Steve   It is estimated that a normal house receives up to 4,000 electrical surges every year. Ever wonder why your dishwasher or microwave suddenly stopped working one day? Electrical surges may be the hidden culprit. My new home’s A/C unit had to be replaced three times in the first 3 years. Finally, the HVAC tech suggested installing a surge protection device on the unit. The A/C has worked fine ...


  by Tim Krof Home Standards Inspection Services Email Tim   What a great Holiday Season! I hope everyone enjoyed good times with family and friends! I had an interesting time this year when a relative tried to start the traditional holiday fire after dinner. Have you ever seen more smoke coming inside the room than going up the flue when somebody is trying to start a wood burning fire? Although it was entertaining at ...


By Jon Vacha Vice President, Home Standards Inspection Services EMAIL JON By being proactive and investing in a pre-listing inspection a seller can enjoy many benefits. The inspection can help the seller avoid surprises and identify and prioritize the list of concerns buyers will see or become aware of. But what about sellers who don’t necessarily want to know what is wrong with their house? The larger items found on a pre-listing inspection will ...


Going Where Most Buyers Don’t Go

By Steve Vacha President, Home Standards Inspection Services EMAIL STEVE   So, what is with this picture (to the right) I took recently at a home? Looks like a normal electrical panel with a screw driver sitting on top of it. I am told this very scenario killed a young man who was doing mission work at a church. A breaker went bad and he had ...


GFCI Outlets: The (Un)Shocking Story

  By Jon Vacha Vice President, Home Standards Inspection Services EMAIL JON   A GFCI outlet is an outlet with the little push button that you often find in bathrooms and kitchens. But why is there a push button and what the heck does “GFCI” mean? During inspection walkthroughs GFCI outlets are almost always discussed. Sometimes the GFCI outlets are not present where they should be, sometimes we just want to alert the buyer to ...


The Truth About Mold

  By Jon Vacha Vice President, Home Standards Inspection Services     Mold plays an important part in our ecosystem by breaking down and recycling material in nature. Unfortunately, mold can become troublesome when it is allowed to grow inside our homes. It is important to know where to look for mold so a problem can be identified – then, having the ability to clean up the mold and stop it from continuing to grow ...


Seller’s Block

By Steve Vacha President, Home Standards Inspection Company   Many of us grow to be very emotionally connected to our homes. They are where we find comfort and rest. Even the inadequacies or deferred repairs often become normal to us, (especially to some of us males). When it comes time to sell however, prospective buyers often do not see the home through those same rose-colored glasses.  Many of us grow to be very ...


How Radon Mitigation Works

By Steve Vacha President, Home Standards Inspection Company Radon is a gas that is released from uranium that is found in shale rock deep in our soil. Radon gas has a radioactive charge to it. In the early days of recording levels of radon gas, one method was to direct air to a thin plastic instrument. The radon gas with its radioactive charge ...


I have written on this subject before, but because this topic is important and potentially expensive, I think it’s time for another friendly reminder.  Due to the fact that the sewer piping to the street is buried there is no way for a typical home inspection to assess it’s condition. While we at Home Standards have been trained to run a lot of water during our inspection process, that does ...