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Ducts in a row

In the photo there are two vent openings on the living room floor. One is a supply vent and one is a return vent. When vents like this are so close together they aren't very efficient because they just cycle the air from one vent to another and ...


Structural Anomalies

Recently, while inspecting the floor framing visible from an unfinished basement, I spotted something that 25 yrs of experience around lumber had never presented to me. I have seen several different types of defects in wood joists such as insect damage or wood decay. Several of these particular joists had cross grain “slots”


Radon is Here to Stay

Radon is Here to Stay By Steve Vacha Radon is here to stay, literally.   The uranium dropped off by the glaciers millennia ago is buried deep in our soil.  As many of us who have been around awhile know, nothing in our environment stays the same for long.    Uranium after many thousands ...


Fireplace Fun and Function

Fireplace Fun and Function By Jon Vacha   As the weather turns cold and families gather in living rooms, people start to turn on their fireplaces. Or they say- “We’ve never used that thing, I don’t even know if it works”. During a home inspection walk through we make sure that the buyer is going to know how to operate their fireplace. If a ...


Buyer’s Expectations

Buyer’s Expectations of the Home Inspection By Steve Vacha   Expectations can be everything.  If a person has an unrealistic expectation about anything, they will probably be disappointed.  (Some of us football fans will never learn) When it comes to home inspections, it is important that the buyer understands just what exactly a home inspection is.   If the buyer has unrealistic expectations of what ...


Electrical Panel Concerns

Electrical Panel Concerns By Steve Vacha Most of us have an innate respect or fear of electricity.  Be it our parents warning us about it from an early age or maybe having the outlet spark on us as we tried to plug in a damaged tool or appliance.  Our homes today have many ...