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What’s the R-Value of Blue Jeans?

How well is your house insulated?  Insulating a house in all the right places can have a huge impact on energy bills.  At a minimum, insulation should be inside walls and in attic spaces.  During a home inspection, we can report on the areas that are visible ...


A Tale of Two Sewers

By: Inspector David Six Recently, while doing an inspection report, I noted that the sewer cleanout plug (shown in photo) had been changed.  This is an indication that someone has either had to snake or in some way check the sewer line to the street.  While relaying this information to ...


Moisture Concerns from Window Wells

I periodically read in disclosure statements that water has entered the lower level through a window well.  This normally happens in older homes, where the well does not have a drain system installed.  In heavy rains, the window well may fill up and start to leak into the ...


Lead Water Pipes in Omaha

The lead contamination problems in Flint, Michigan cause many of us to wonder about our own water. There is good reason to be concerned. After all, the problems that lead poisoning can cause children are profound and possibly life changing. There are lead pipes in the Omaha area. ...


Human Nature and the Brick

While inspecting a roof, I saw a brick near the furnace flue.  I made my way over to investigate.  I reached down to pick it up and realized it had been tarred to the roof.  I came to the conclusion that the homeowner had put the brick there ...


Flashing Between Siding

    When you see stacked vertical siding, you must have a piece of metal flashing between the two pieces of siding (commonly known as drip edge) to keep out any possible water penetration. If not, you will usually find soft/deteriorated siding at the seams,affecting both the top and bottom pieces, ...