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Deck stairwell safety

During an inspection we always check to make sure that the deck is secured to the house with lag bolts where needed. We look for joist hangers and footings below the support posts. On the deck in the picture the stairs where in good shape except for the fact that the ...


The Truth About Mold

The Truth About Mold By Jon Vacha Mold plays an important part in our ecosystem by breaking down and recycling material in nature. Mold can become troublesome when it is allowed to grow inside our homes. It is important to know where to look for mold so a problem can be identified. Then, having the ability to clean up the mold and ...


Power line clearance

There needs to be at least ten feet of clearance from the ground for the power line that comes into a house. Most new houses have the power coming in under ground. But, in older houses we find clearance issues periodically. Sometimes the electrical mast on the house will come loose ...


A creative plumbing practice

Tim Krof found this one -This is not your typical way to drain the washer...but it works. Good to see they have both a plunger and toilet cleaner standing by......but sorry ladies, this seat STAYS UP!!


Flue Safety

Flue Safety By Tim Krof A properly installed and functioning flue is essential for home safety. Carbon monoxide and other gases are lighter than air and will float up through a flue without the assistance of a blower. Flues need proper clearance from combustibles and should be properly vented to exterior. In the process of venting the combustible gases from the furnace or ...


Home Standards’ Tim Krof recently earned the designation “Certified Inspector” from the American Society of Home Inspectors. (The foremost organization for home inspectors in America) Normally an inspector must inspect full time for over two years to receive this designation. To earn this designation Tim: Had to complete 250 fee paid inspections. Then ...