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New construction blunder

Even new construction should be inspected, especially if you are not familiar with the Builder. Here is a spot over the master bedroom/bath area I recently found around the side of the garage attic area that somebody forgot to insulate...whoopsie!! -Tim Krof


An Interesting Roofing Manuever

I love the resourcefulness of people in this city. What do we do when we run out of shingles? Do we buy more? NO! We find a piece of sheet metal and use a lot of caulk.....a LOT of caulk!! -Tim Krof


Wildlife Encounters

Tim actually found one of these little guys hanging out in a disposal during a recent inspection. Don't worry he was released outside. It is crazy to find the areas critter can get into in a house. This was a case of the bat probably making its way down a plumbing exhaust pipe. Birds in attics and chimney's is pretty ...


Types of Cracks

  Types of Cracks Concrete does two things; it gets hard, and it cracks. When looking at a crack in a house’s foundation wall, the type of crack can often indicate what is causing the crack to occur. Vertical or stair step cracks indicate settlement of part of the wall or uneven weight distribution from ...


Concrete, The Magical Mud

Concrete the Magical Mud. by Steve Vacha Concrete is an integral part of home construction.  Throughout the centuries and in many places still today, people live in mud or earth homes.  As society has progressed, our building materials have improved. The ingredients of concrete and correct construction practices ensure that today’s magical mud provides all ...


Garage door safety mechanisms

In the picture you can see that the safety beams are in this garage are installed in a very wrong location. They are up in the rafters of the garage. Periodically we see people do this just to make sure the beams are never broken. Of course, they should be at either ...