Outlet in Bondage – by Dave Six

Never seen it done this way, it looks more like it's being held hostage !


Irregular Spindles

Openings are wider than today’s standard!  Possibly not installed by a professional.


The Truth About Mold

  By Jon Vacha Vice President, Home Standards Inspection Services     Mold plays an important part in our ecosystem by breaking down and recycling material in nature. Unfortunately, mold can become troublesome when it is allowed to grow inside our homes. It is important to know where to look for mold so a problem can be identified – then, having the ability to clean up the mold and stop it from continuing to grow ...


How Radon Mitigation Works

By Steve Vacha President, Home Standards Inspection Company Radon is a gas that is released from uranium that is found in shale rock deep in our soil. Radon gas has a radioactive charge to it. In the early days of recording levels of radon gas, one method was to direct air to a thin plastic instrument. The radon gas with its radioactive charge ...