Radon is Here to Stay

Radon is Here to Stay By Steve Vacha Radon is here to stay, literally.   The uranium dropped off by the glaciers millennia ago is buried deep in our soil.  As many of us who have been around awhile know, nothing in our environment stays the same for long.    Uranium after many thousands of years, changes to radium, and radium changes to radon gas. The problem with radon gas is the alpha radiation that ...


How Radon Mitigation Works

How Radon Mitigation Works By Steve Vacha Radon is a gas that is released from uranium that is found in shale rock deep in our soil. Radon gas has a radio active charge to it. In the early days of recording levels of radon gas, one method was to direct air to a thin plastic instrument. The radon gas with its radioactive charge would make a small indentation on the plastic, a small radioactive blast so to speak.  The marks on the plastic were counted to determine the level of radon gases in the air.  That is the ...