Irregular Spindles

Openings are wider than today’s standard!  Possibly not installed by a professional.


The Truth About Mold

  By Jon Vacha Vice President, Home Standards Inspection Services     Mold plays an important part in our ecosystem by breaking down and recycling material in nature. Unfortunately, mold can become troublesome when it is allowed to grow inside our homes. It is important to know where to look for mold so a problem can be identified – then, having the ability to clean up the mold and stop it from continuing to grow ...


The Use of Tempered Glass

Windows at bottom of stairs ,within 18" of floor and next to entry doors needs to be tempered glass  when installed or replaced.   This new construction was not tempered glass.


Seller’s Block

By Steve Vacha President, Home Standards Inspection Company   Many of us grow to be very emotionally connected to our homes. They are where we find comfort and rest. Even the inadequacies or deferred repairs often become normal to us, (especially to some of us males). When it comes time to sell however, prospective buyers often do not see the home through those same rose-colored glasses.  Many of us grow to be very ...


Unsafe Steps…….

Doggy door landing steps.  No hand , I mean paw railing!


Stair Safety is No Accident

It’s 20 degrees, dusk and the steps have snow and some ice. It’s times like this we all know how important a good solid hand rail is. In fact, for some of our older friends, steps can be treacherous even on normal days without a handrail. If there are three or more steps a handrail is needed for safety. Like most safety issues, they do not seem important until we find ourselves in trouble.


I recently inspected a two-bedroom home with a very large insulated window with a defective thermal seal. I explained to the concerned buyer there was a less expensive alternative to replacement. Insulated or thermal windows are made with two panels of glass sandwiched over a spacer and sealant, creating a space between the panes that is filled with air or with a gas, usually argon or krypton. Most failed windows do not ...


Why I Love My Job

I have worked with Home Standards Inspection Services as the inspection coordinator for 6 months now. At first, I didn’t know quite what to expect.  I came from a large, bustling corporate environment which I thrived in due to my competitive nature and attention to customer service. I liked the idea of working from home, but was worried about how quiet it might be. Then, as weather started warming up, the phones began to ring, and ring, and ring. The hours ...


Stair and Window Safety

Any of us who have fallen down a flight of stairs understand how exciting it can be. Most of us have not experienced falling down a flight of stairs which is amazing considering how many steps a person braves during a lifetime. The reason for this, is there are building codes and safety regulations and friendly home inspectors about. Maybe you have come close when you stumbled or tripped but have ...


Air Conditioners and Cool Smart

  It’s that time of year again, summer is here and along with it comes the heat!!  As the days grow longer and hotter, air conditioners run longer and use more power. This additional usage puts a strain on our electrical power grid throughout the city.  Air conditioners/heat pumps use a tremendous amount of electricity, and if they are running continuously all day long, this can put our public power system at risk of temporary failure.