Sump Pit Surprises

Apparently this is where Victoria disposes of her secrets!


This built-in microwave from the 1980's is still in immaculate condition and still working.  This was probably the high end microwave of it's time.  Why get something new if the old one is still working!!


They’re Out There!

Sometimes when doing an inspection, we come across what can I only be describe as “jaw dropping” examples of how not to build a house.  The other day, I had two such events in the same home.  While checking the electrical panel, I noted that all the circuit grounds had been tied together instead of going to the buss bar.  Then, the grounds had been intertwined with a (roughly) 14 ...


Electrical Panel Concerns

Electrical Panel Concerns By Steve Vacha Most of us have an innate respect or fear of electricity.  Be it our parents warning us about it from an early age or maybe having the outlet spark on us as we tried to plug in a damaged tool or appliance.  Our homes today have many safety features to allow us the benefit of electricity. One of the most important safety features is the electrical circuit breaker ...



Energy Steve Vacha   Where would we be without it?  We only have to remember how out of sorts we get when there is a short power outage at our homes. The cost of energy is going up. We pay more and more to heat our homes and keep the lights on. The cost to the environment rises as we take more and more to power our lives.  Our world needs new ways to utilize ...


Not So Shocking Truth

Not So Shocking Truth By Jon Vacha A GFCI outlet is an outlet with the little push button that you see in bathrooms and kitchens. But why is there a push button and what the heck does GFCI mean? During inspection walkthroughs GFCI outlets are almost always discussed. Sometimes the GFCI outlets are not present where they should be, sometimes we just want to alert the buyer to where the resets are for ...


Going Where Most Home Buyers Don’t Go

Going where most buyers don’t go.   by Steve Vacha So, what is with this picture I took recently at a home?  Looks like a normal electrical panel with a screw driver sitting on top of it. This very scenario killed a young man I am told who was doing mission work at a church.  A breaker went bad and he had to take the panel off to change the breaker.   As he took ...


Power line clearance

There needs to be at least ten feet of clearance from the ground for the power line that comes into a house. Most new houses have the power coming in under ground. But, in older houses we find clearance issues periodically. Sometimes the electrical mast on the house will come loose and the line will droop. Other times a home owner will build a deck under the electrical line and then ...


Electrical blunder

On a recent inspection we discovered this- A electrical plug that connects to a 220 outlet had been hard wired to two 110 outlets. They had a gas oven so figured they would still make use of the 220 outlet... a dangerous idea!


Lightning Strikes INSIDE?

Approximately 1,000 people in the US are struck by lightning every year. Contrary to popular belief, however, not all of these people are outside while struck. Some of them are struck while inside their very homes. The insurance industry estimates about 6.5% of all property/casualty claims are related to lightning strikes. Some newer homes are equipped to absorb a lightning strike; however, in most cases the electrical paths are available for lighting ...