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Roof Inspections Important

Roof Inspections Important By Steve Vacha During inspection walk-throughs one of the biggest questions buyers have is “what is the condition of the roof?”  Home insurance companies are starting to focus more and more on that the same question. 10 years ago most insurance companies would insure composition and wood shake roofs without a lot of questions.   If the roof looked in decent condition from the ground chances are it would be insured. In the last several years, insurance companies have tightened their qualifications ...


Roofs and Hail Damage

Roofs and Hail Damage by Steve Vacha             One of the most important areas we inspect are roofs.  Roofs do not last forever. Mother Nature takes a toll on our roofs in the form of hail, wind, and her beating sun. With our weather becoming more intense and damaging though out the country, insurance companies are starting to do business differently.   Deductibles are up, and insurance companies are ...


Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding By Steve Vacha Vinyl siding is the most commonly installed exterior cladding for residential construction in the United States and Canada.  This siding has low maintenance and does not deteriorate like many other types of siding. However, as with any product exposed to our diverse and sometimes harsh weather it will age and take damage in its own unique ways. Vinyl siding is more susceptible to hail damage than some other types ...


Composition Board Siding

Composition Board Siding By Tim Krof   Composition siding is a composite wood product made from wafers of wood pressed together and coated in resin, then formed into a board. Composition board siding had a rough beginning.   Weyerhauser was one of the first major producers and their product did not fare well.  As is the case with many new products, it has been improved.  But, even with all the improvements made in siding ...


Tips for Summer Maintenance by Steve Vacha   Every season has its maintenance and things to remember. Number one problem for most home owners is not controlling surface water.  Extensions as needed and keep gutters clean. Maintaining sprinkler systems:   Verify it is working correctly and there are no broken pipes or spray heads especially next to the foundation. Keep male dogs away from AC units.  This is probably one of the most costly things to ...


Troublesome Roof Leaks

Troublesome Roof Leaks by Steve Vacha There are few things that concern a prospective buyer as much as moister penetration into a home. When it comes in the form of a roof leaks, it can really raise red flags for them. If roof leaks are not addressed in a timely fashion, they can lead to significant damage and possible mold. A damaged or leaking roof causes leaks that are often easy to detect and decide how to repair. But, what about the leaks ...


An Interesting Roofing Manuever

I love the resourcefulness of people in this city. What do we do when we run out of shingles? Do we buy more? NO! We find a piece of sheet metal and use a lot of caulk.....a LOT of caulk!! -Tim Krof


Concrete, The Magical Mud

Concrete the Magical Mud. by Steve Vacha Concrete is an integral part of home construction.  Throughout the centuries and in many places still today, people live in mud or earth homes.  As society has progressed, our building materials have improved. The ingredients of concrete and correct construction practices ensure that today’s magical mud provides all the durability and strength we need. The capabilities of concrete were mastered long ago by the Romans.  The famous Coliseum at ...


Deck stairwell safety

During an inspection we always check to make sure that the deck is secured to the house with lag bolts where needed. We look for joist hangers and footings below the support posts. On the deck in the picture the stairs where in good shape except for the fact that the stair railings could kill you...I'm not sure I would go down these stairs in icy winter conditions...would you grab the ...


Ice Damming

Stopping Ice Dams by Steve Vacha If a home has a history of ice damming, fall is the time to try to prevent further problems. Ice damming occurs with heavy snow on the roof starts to melt.  The melting is usually caused by inadequate insulation in the attic.  Too much warm are in the attic area warms the underside of the roof or the sheathing, which causes the snow on the roof to melt.. The snow melts and drips down the roof until it ...