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Unconventional Chimney

Here's a  chimney I looked @ the other day. I called it unconventional and labeled it a safety recommending further evaluation. In the second picture it appeared to me that the flue pipe inside may have been too close to the window well metal because the paint and galvanizing looks like it has burned off. - Inspector Dave Six


They’re Out There!

Sometimes when doing an inspection, we come across what can I only be describe as “jaw dropping” examples of how not to build a house.  The other day, I had two such events in the same home.  While checking the electrical panel, I noted that all the circuit grounds had been tied together instead of going to the buss bar.  Then, the grounds had been intertwined with a (roughly) 14 ...


Moisture Concerns from Window Wells

I periodically read in disclosure statements that water has entered the lower level through a window well.  This normally happens in older homes, where the well does not have a drain system installed.  In heavy rains, the window well may fill up and start to leak into the house through the window.  Windows in residential homes are not built to be waterproof- water will seep through them.  This ...


Flashing Between Siding

    When you see stacked vertical siding, you must have a piece of metal flashing between the two pieces of siding (commonly known as drip edge) to keep out any possible water penetration. If not, you will usually find soft/deteriorated siding at the seams,affecting both the top and bottom pieces, as seen in the attached picture.   By: Tim Krof   We are a locally owned home inspection company serving the metro areas of ...


Steps of Biblical Proportion

Steps of Biblical Proportions By Steve Vacha     My wife recently came home from a Bible study and told me the steps to the main Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, are not consistent.  They were purposely laid out in an irregular pattern to emphasize to the pilgrim to be mindful on their journey up to the Temple. Many homes we inspect also have stairs of biblical proportions.  Trouble is, we are often not in the state of ...


Keeping Heads Out of Gutters

Keeping Heads out of Gutters By Jon Vacha Most gutters are designed to perfectly fit those gutter clips that Christmas lights hang on to. Gutters are also good for grabbing on to if you slip on a roof during an inspecting and start to slide off. When it rains they also work well for moving the water that falls on the roof away from a house’s foundation. Usually it is a good idea to have ...


Roof Inspections Important

Roof Inspections Important By Steve Vacha During inspection walk-throughs one of the biggest questions buyers have is “what is the condition of the roof?”  Home insurance companies are starting to focus more and more on that the same question. 10 years ago most insurance companies would insure composition and wood shake roofs without a lot of questions.   If the roof looked in decent condition from the ground chances are it would be insured. In the last several years, insurance companies have tightened their qualifications ...


Roofs and Hail Damage

Roofs and Hail Damage by Steve Vacha             One of the most important areas we inspect are roofs.  Roofs do not last forever. Mother Nature takes a toll on our roofs in the form of hail, wind, and her beating sun. With our weather becoming more intense and damaging though out the country, insurance companies are starting to do business differently.   Deductibles are up, and insurance companies are ...


Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding By Steve Vacha Vinyl siding is the most commonly installed exterior cladding for residential construction in the United States and Canada.  This siding has low maintenance and does not deteriorate like many other types of siding. However, as with any product exposed to our diverse and sometimes harsh weather it will age and take damage in its own unique ways. Vinyl siding is more susceptible to hail damage than some other types ...


Composition Board Siding

Composition Board Siding By Tim Krof   Composition siding is a composite wood product made from wafers of wood pressed together and coated in resin, then formed into a board. Composition board siding had a rough beginning.   Weyerhauser was one of the first major producers and their product did not fare well.  As is the case with many new products, it has been improved.  But, even with all the improvements made in siding ...