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Irregular Spindles

Openings are wider than today’s standard!  Possibly not installed by a professional.


The Use of Tempered Glass

Windows at bottom of stairs ,within 18" of floor and next to entry doors needs to be tempered glass  when installed or replaced.   This new construction was not tempered glass.


Unsafe Steps…….

Doggy door landing steps.  No hand , I mean paw railing!


Company Plumbing Inspections

We inspect plumbing.........well most plumbing!!!!


Stair Safety is No Accident

It’s 20 degrees, dusk and the steps have snow and some ice. It’s times like this we all know how important a good solid hand rail is. In fact, for some of our older friends, steps can be treacherous even on normal days without a handrail. If there are three or more steps a handrail is needed for safety. Like most safety issues, they do not seem important until we find ourselves in trouble.


Stopping Ice Jams

If a home has a history of ice damming, fall is the time to try to prevent further problems. Ice damming occurs when heavy snow on the roof starts to melt. The melting is usually caused by inadequate insulation in the attic. Too much warm air in the attic area warms the underside of the roof or the sheathing, which causes the snow on the roof to melt. The ...


Shady Solar Panel

Most solar panels convert around 15% of the sun's energy into electricity.  I don't think there is any energy getting converted, looks pretty shady to me!


Low humidity in the winter can dry noses, skin and throats as well as crack fingertips. Your home can also suffer from overly dry conditions, including wood floors opening up, increase in static electricity, drywall is affected and even pianos can go out of tune. “Relative Humidity” refers to the air’s ability to hold water/moisture. The colder the air, the less ability it has to hold moisture. Indoor humidity levels should be between 30 to 50 percent, with the ideal level around ...


I recently inspected a two-bedroom home with a very large insulated window with a defective thermal seal. I explained to the concerned buyer there was a less expensive alternative to replacement. Insulated or thermal windows are made with two panels of glass sandwiched over a spacer and sealant, creating a space between the panes that is filled with air or with a gas, usually argon or krypton. Most failed windows do not ...


Sump Pit Surprises

Apparently this is where Victoria disposes of her secrets!